What should I wear?
  • ​Wear comfortable yoga clothing, shorts, or a swimsuit. Wear clothing that is dry wicking and won’t get heavy and weigh you down if it gets wet.

  • Shoes optional – if you do wear shoes, we would recommend shoes made for water.

What should I bring with me?
  • It is always a good idea to bring sunscreen (or apply before you arrive) and chapstick

  • A cheap pair of sunglasses or sun visor (we have croakies $5 that float)

  • A small towel

  • We have a Dry Bag for your small items such as keys, phones, etc.
Do I need to know how to swim?
  • YES! Life vests will be provided, but you should already know how to swim.

Do I need to know how to paddle or use a paddle board?
  • No, each class will begin with a brief tutorial on how to adjust and hold the paddle. Our instructors will explain how to position yourself on the board throughout your paddle and yoga practice.

Do I need to bring my own paddle board?
  • Nope. You are welcome to bring your own board, if you have one, but we have Glide paddle boards for rent and we will deliver them to the launch location. Our boards are extremely sturdy and made for yoga.

What if I’ve never practiced yoga?
  • That’s great! We love first time yogis. You do not need any prior yoga experience. Our classes are family friendly and for all levels of experience.

How much weight can your boards hold?​
  • Our boards safely hold up to 240 lbs.