A Healthier You

One of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy body is to drink water! 1/2 oz per day per current body weight. So if you weight 200 pounds then you want to drink 100 oz of water a day. This helps ensure that you body has the correct amount of water flowing through it to function at an optimal pace. Challenge yourself and reward yourself. Set goals and work up to doing the best for your body. Small sips throughout the day add up at the end of the day. You can do it! Be good to your body!

How to Fall for SUP

Falling come on, its fun and feels really good. Submerging your skin in nice cool refreshing water, floating and relaxing after a nice SUP Paddle session. The important thing to remember is to fall flat and fall away from the board, and you can drop the paddle cause ours float. Once you do it, you will want to do it again as you play and challenge yourself. 99% of the people that paddle with us that fall in, fall in by choice.

Are Boards Different?

Choosing the Right Paddle Board

There are many stand up paddle boards available on the market.
Cypress Sup Yoga and Paddle Board Co has chosen the Cadillac of boards, Glide Premium SUPs, in order
to provide our students the best possible experience.
As a company we chose to use boards that are built entirely in the United States and not just designed in
the US and farmed out to over seas companies. Glide boards outperform and outlast other SUP brands
with pricing in line with the vast majority of the competition.
Glide boards are manufactured with a process that meets strict EPA guidelines. Even the paint that is
used on the outside of the boards is a non-VOC Bio Resin and Polymer using plant based resins. The
foam core of the boards are from a local company that recycles the foam remnants on a weekly basis.
The boards we chose are made specifically for doing Yoga being wider and more stable than other
Come experience our love of the planet and SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards).